Shatter The Fourth Wall

Here you’ll find pages of deep thought and not so deep rants stacked with dry humour and cynicism, designed to dispel the matrix. Take the red pill and enter the realm of enigmatic millennialism.

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A novelist storytelling the train of thought

What Living Taught Me

Observing makes me curious and curiosity makes me a Learner. This Blog Admires Motivation

The Insomnian (Jayren Fryn)

When it's spoken it can be timeless- The written word is Immortality


Be inspired. Be you.

Life On Planet Earth


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Exploring all perspectives in a blogosphere! :)

The Krystol Method

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Darwinian Mystics: Book of the North

The mind is a powerful thing.

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Marina Vončina


by Evelina Di Lauro

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An author by chance

Thought trail

Trail of stories, poems, observations and more!