Reactivating Facebook after years of Social Media Sobriety

So for some context; I am 25 years old and I opened my facebook account in 2008 – when I was 17. So while that is relatively old in today’s era (I am looking at you, my young nieces and nephews with the latest Iphones and Ipads), I had it for a large chunk of time until I decided to deactivate it a few years ago. Why? My career wasn’t moving ahead, I was depressed and social media made it more so. It took some teeth clenching to reactivate the account even now but I got there in the end.

Now I took my sweet time scrolling through the pages and here are some observations and thoughts that occurred to me. Can you relate?

  • I talked like a fucking idiot
  • Incredible narcissism on my part
  • Most of the people on Facebook I couldn’t even stand
  • Wondering how I had 160 friends when I struggle to upkeep a single relationship today
  • Wait a second…am I old?
  • Should I grow my hair back?
  • Because most people have by now also deactivated their accounts, the conversations I had with them on the site makes it look like I am talking to myself
  • I had completely different priorities (none)
  • I’ve lost touch with so many
  • Tried too hard to be philosophical when quoting rap lyrics
  • I had longwinded conversations with people whose existence I don’t remember
  • The people that mattered then are still in my life today
  • I updated my statuses regardless of likes
  • The same person liked my updates all the time – respect the loyalty
  • I was called ‘smexcci bitch’ and I had nothing sarcastic to say about it
  • I don’t think your body is equipped to cringe so often
  • The only good thing facebook does is making you feel popular on your birthday
  • So many people got married
  • So many babies
  • Why did I post this?
  • And this?
  • Or this?!
  • The dual life of having deep conversations with someone online and ignoring and getting ignored by them at school
  • I didn’t realise I’ve met so many people in my life
  • I spent a lot of time procrastinating and apparently had to let everyone know about it
  • I had some unfortunate situations of -not logging out of my account and having fart jokes written about me-
  • I actually school a little
  • I think I was a hell of a lot more social back then
  • Am I difficult to get on with now?
  • Give me a break, I’m just stuck in my ways
  • Club promoters were and still are annoying, online and face to face
  • Apparently, I was an animal rights activist
  • And a Harlem shake activist – remember that one?
  • For some reason, my friend decided to share parts of her coursework on my facebook wall
  • I struggled with 500-word essays…what?
  • I wrote eight status updates about going to Germany
  • I was having a hard time during results day ( no reminders needed for that one)
  • I’ve had the same mobile number for at least 6 years!
  • I thought I was funny, some things don’t change

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