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Name is Maddie; Author, anime nerd and critical thinker (no there is no sense to that order). Coffee please, tea is acceptable but absolutely no green sludge that is supposed to rinse you of your toxins (which you’ve been adding to since you hit the age of 18 (let’s be real it’s 16), why waste all those years of effort). Work hard and play hard(ish).  I am a huge fan of brackets which pertain dry humour and sarcastic anecdotes). Write to entertain both you and myself.

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My 365 Stories

by Andreia Costa

Where photography meets the everyday By Emma Louise Spencer

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Millionaire's Digest

A Passionate Place for Passionate Readers & Writers.


Narrative of a Neurotic & Other Random Nonsense

mile q.d. - a mile a day keeps the doctor away

a mile a day keeps the doctor away


The Evolution of a Soulful Expressionist

Jon Kenna


Writer to Writer

Creative Writing Ideas and Writing Prompts!

J. A. Allen

Scribbles on Cocktail Napkins

Bohemian Vistas

To those dormant ideas waiting to flow with the ink...


Encouraging and inspiring future leaders

Peace and Flourish

Learn to live happily.

After all,

How often do we get a second chance?

L.E. Hunt--The Palace

writing, passive-aggressiveness, and probably too many puns


A blog for all those, who love writing, reading, creating, just because it makes you smile

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