I don’t know much

Since I started my blogging journey I have learned a tonne of shit. I won’t bore you with a list, those can be insanely mind-numbing and let’s face it – self-indulgent. Instead, I’ll share the one main lesson I’ve learned; I don’t know shit. I don’t understand what makes a piece good, what makes a piece bad, what people will like and what will count as boring. What to mention, how to mention it and most of all; why. I am quite literally driven by my own intuitions, bias and feelings = eurgh. I know.

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Dumb conversations

I am a vegetarian. Relax, not a militant one, a quiet one who’d rather not bring it up unless asked twice why I’m not having anything from the meat platter.

The following is based on an actual conversation I had with my office buddy; a proud (wait for it) vegephobe. Bring the hate people – this is discrimination at its finest.

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I really don’t know where I heard this from but it didn’t come from me; the idea that guilt, before we act, is in essence what morality is. I had a google to find the thinker but it seems to be intertwined in some serious academic journals and I’ve been consciously staying away from all of that since I left Uni – cause I’m worth it. Not really, I just can’t keep my brain alert and end up not even skimming it but what I’d call ‘would-be skimming’. Where you think you are skim reading, I mean you seem to be mouthing the words so at least 30% of the content must be registering right? But spending 10 minutes doing so, you find nothing actually did.

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Choose friends wisely

You can’t choose family; you are stuck with the one you were born with. I for sure was a kid who would have loved to disown one of my strange uncles but blood runs thick (and now I’m glad I didn’t). This is however not the case when it comes to your social network. It is an interesting dynamic; as a kid you socialise mainly with your cousins but this changes as you grow older. With age, you have a say as to who is welcome in your life and who isn’t; these decisions shape you. It’s a control that you have over your own life that you should exercise because these people can make or break you.

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Mindset glasses

A mindset is what I see as metaphorical-philosophical glasses (that is what it is, I refuse to change the name into something that I can actually say out loud). You may wear a different pair each day; drastically different to the one you wear on a Friday night to the one you wear on a Monday morning, but they paint your day, your week, and/or your years to come.

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Collecting clutter and attaching meaning

When your phone alerts you that your storage is full and you have to manually look through your apps, pics and vids to find out what stuff you are carrying on your phone is unnecessary. I keep my phone tight as these alerts are devastating.  It’s a huge drag to stop, take the time, analyse and make decisions you’d rather not. Say every few months to take a retrospective peek and find thousands of files you have to look through. So quite literally every week during my commute to or back from work, I scroll through all my garbage and do one thing; de-clutter, move those worth something onto my external hard drive and have my phone nice and clean.

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